Black Lives Matter

Caste, creed & colour separation
A big mockery to Almighty’s creation
Discriminating people saying white & black
Shows nothing but your mental drawback
Okay, okay let me get this straight
Don’t be in illusion that you will write our fate
Nothing will change though much is said
Until you realise what message you want to spread
Doesn’t affect them how loud we scream
No racism is still a dream
Hate, slap, punch, kick is what they give
Living in 2020, do we really need to speak!!?
To humanity it's just like a speck
But their knees will be on our neck
No matter what we still be a target
Colour of our skin continue to be a threat
Support to end this utter nonsense
We can’t bear more barbaric violence
Oh stop! Please, we can’t breathe
We beg of you!! Just go & leave

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