Black lives matter

Black lives matter cant you see?
Blacks are as equal to whites as much as equal can be
How does my skin make me a threat?
The mistakes some make -which they should regret
is how some see color,not heart,and it tears mine apart
and it brings tears to my eyes
when i think of the blacks who died and will die,
how i cant walk down the street
for fear a white officer will shoot me for the drama
they seek
or,maybe a white person wont let me shine beautiful my
beautiful light because they fear i am a threat on
their life
some whites think we are dangerous because of a look
or,think we are to stupid to read a book
there is a lesson we all must learn:
judge by heart not race,and there is no higher rank
a race can earn
we are all human cant you see?
we are all equal as much as equal can be
To all the white officers who see a black person
think, don't shoot, think "is this persons life worth
the drama i seek?"

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