Black Lives Matter!

The movement I feel should definitely start in our homes,
With fathers, mothers and communities teaching right from wrong.

What we instill in our children from birth
Will play a key role in determining their self-worth.
Our children are our future and should be raised with love,
Love given by our Father, Almighty God above!

Black lives matter, no doubt this is true.
If black lives matter, what are you willing to do?
"Black lives matter" should not be shouted just at cops;
"Black lives matter" should make us all pause and stop.

Stop to think how we are treating each other,
Not realizing that by human nature we should love one another.
Far too many lives are lost at the hands of those who are to protect;
Is retaliating by murdering how we want to earn respect?

Pride, integrity and respect will always be the key;
What I put out into the universe will certainly return back to me.
We've come this far by fighting non-violently,
Our foundation laid by those who paid with their lives peacefully.

So when you shout, "Black lives matter,"
Make sure that you disseminate this towards one another:
Taking each other's lives is not loving your brother!

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