Black Masked Wonder

Where did you go? We were so close... so close!
We were getting to know each other!
We fell in love... Us against the world...
Nobody had Us like we had Us.
You know, we completed each other.
You was the light to my dark. We were the perfect
Yin and Yang
They drove you away...
People misused you
Abused you
Lied and brought you down
First it was one... you cried... shed some tears...
rose above it!
It turned bad quick because more drama arose
left and right
You cried so much...
Don't have anymore tears to give.
Heart combusted...
Here I am...
Sitting here without my light...
We were one... because the "We" was "Me" !
I hope you haven't died...
I miss you!
Let me...
Let Us be whole again.

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