Black Nights

Black nights, black knight,
where you gonna be tonight?
Somewhere where the moon will blaze it's gazing light!
Black nights, black knight,
where you gonna be today?
Somewhere where the shadows always stay up in my place!
Black nights, black knight,
where you sleep at night?
Darkness is my place that I rest my weary face!
Black nights, black knight,
why you hide at day?
To keep away the hatas all the fuck shit in my way!
Black nights, black knight,
why they say you evil?
I'm a daredevil like Evil Knivel, right?
Black nights, black knight,
why you got the devil eye?
Cause I almost hate everyone I met in life!
Black nights, black knight,
why you have a black heart?
It's so full of darkness I can't even see the light!

Everybody sayin dat da devil is my father,
if you know me I'm heavenly,
my thoughts just gotten darker.
I keep on tryin harder,
but I'm steady fallin faster.
Darkness swallows me from the inside n around me,
my heart was taken first as my love was bought by money.
My kindness was destroyed as these hatas surrounded,
my concsience turned to flames,
holy water made it better as my head was just pounded.
The invisible force that impacted life,
got it's evil little hand just compactin my strife.
No matter how I look at it there's no fuckin reason,
that I should've went through all the bull shit that you're seein.
Now they call me the black knight cause I stood up one night,
gazing at the moon n wonder why do I fight?
Fight the urging feeling just to end my own life,
give a fuck if I end up in the darkness or light?
Maybe cause they tell me dat I still have a dream,
something that's worth living for that I can try to attain.
Not everybody's quit on me as well as I shouldn't,
well nigga I'm the black knight so who is you kiddin!
I done went through half my life alone bitch who the fuck are you?
Why you act like you care now about the things I do?
Is it cause you wanna take advantage of me?
Use me to get money play the cards you see?
Since it is my choice the black knight who I be,
give a fuck about a lonely life as long as I am free.

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