Black of Night

The fiery glow of a midnight moon
Lights up a blackened sky,
Casting an eerie-haunting shadow
Across a rugged earth,
As if waiting for a devilish birth.
The ghostly silence is broken only
By the hoot of an owl,
And the flutter of a bat,
The ground is alive with little
Creepy-crawly things and a forest rat.
Like a ballet, tiny flickering points of light,
Dart aimlessly thru the midnight air,
While a night hawk glides in circles
Searching with blood-red eyes
For his nightly fare.
Statues of marble white,
Monuments and tombs of granite and stone,
Dimly shine thru a thick midnight fog,
Like goblins and ghouls rising up
From a Moorish bog.
Slowly, silently the black of night
Turns to a milkish gray,
Giving relentlessly up to the break
Of day,
A huge glowing ball of fire and heat
Warms up the morning sky,
And, so, to this mysterious, ghoulish,
Ghastly night we can finally say,

Copyright © 2013 Bobby Fassler

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