Black Power

Malcom x

M is for master of all arts and molding boys into young men
A is for altitude changing our attitudes
L is for longitudes; longing for our rights,Hitting the stars and going beyond the lights
C is for common sense come back to our knowledge and change our mantle
O is for Optimism, open y’all thoughts and reverse the curse of blacks being hurt

X is for unknown for those who don’t know

R is for respect sat in the back and would not move
O is oppression and Oblivious; oppressed from our rights and oblivious to our Black Knights
S is for seeing all odds when they were broken
A is for ambition ready to fight against all descriptions

K is for keep the kids out the street and the kids in school
Know your right before they do wrong onto you
I is for ignition to ignite the intelligence and our visions
N is not for nigger this and nigger that but this is young black excellence
G is for Great so open up them pearly Gates

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