Black Prince

So close to becoming King Victorious
So close to being King
Yet you seek destruction, pain and agony
You reap havoc and mayhem
I should know best, I was your princess
I was your tall warrior, ready for battle
You called me NACE
Goddess of Love and War
You promised me everything
Money, Power, LOVE, Immortality
You lied, you killed me
Not physically
Mentally, emotionally and spiritually
You brought me riches, silks and golds, treasures untold
You have me power over demons
I was your dummy, seeking love disguised as lust
You hated me, your slandered my name
You belittled me, I was your fool
In front of others, you were gentle
Begins thine eyes, you were ruthless and aggressive
You've brought shame to my name
But I love you
Black Prince
You have me everything I never wanted

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