Black Rose

A rose is beautiful.
Neatly patterned, with prickly thorns.
Its beauty is stunning, coming in different colors all bright and bold.
But the black rose, is the most beautiful of them all.
The black rose symbolizes beauty to me, because of its dark color, and elegant ease.
The black rose shows kindness, in its dark appearance, and leaves me touched with a stain of black, so beautifully.
It stands with a bold form, its petals that read existence.
The black rose is elegant, for its sharp, prickly thorn, leave my hands feeling scarred.
But, those scars leave a permanent mark on my hands.
My hands have been marked by beauty.
The way that the black rose stands, it has a dark past, but lives with a bright future.
Even though it is dark, the black rose shines before me, like a light in a dull place.
Like a black rose, in a dark space.

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