Black Smoke

What is it I seek? What is it I need?
The world is smoke, nothing unique
Pale people living ordinary lives
Hoping they won't die
They don't realize that life is made of glass
Fragile, not meant to last
Faith is a jail to some
A home to none
How can one believe
That there is more to life than what we see
Hell, Jimmy knows his time is coming
He never stopped running
The sands of time slowly passed him by
Grabbing ahold of all but his soul
Look at Jimmy now, just an old, lonely man
Swallowed by life, strung out, afraid of the knife
His skin hangs from his face
Drowning in disgrace, he lost his faith
The heroin tracks are a deadly tax
He tried to reach Heaven, but only fell from grace
He saw the angels he said, laughing and crying
Smoking pixie dust, full of lust
Jimmy wanted to find Jesus, but Jesus couldn't be found
Every now and then, I see Jimmy smiling in the light of day,
Praying for just one more say
One last breath before his death
Jimmy died a sickening death

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