Black State of Mind

When I speak
Do you listen to the words or the beat?
I could talk about poverty or inequality
But no one would care if it was not derogatory
Should I talk like I am hooked on Ebonics?
Should I act loud and ghetto
Screaming "You don't want this!"?
You keep saying the man looks down on you
But can't you see the way you look
Proud to be uneducated
Fool, go read a book
Proud to come from the struggle saying you're "about that life"
I want a success story that ends with me living right
Don't forget where you came from, but at least try to fight it
Just because you're from the hood
Doesn't mean you have to act like it
Preaching about white people and fabricated crimes
So we join gangs and shoot each other
Yeah, that will change their minds
We want to point fingers in white people's faces
Because racism is only okay if it's us being racist
Come on now, have some sense
You call yourself Christian and don't think you should repent
And memorizing scriptures out of context makes you right
You fight so hard but don't realize you're fighting the wrong fight

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