Black Sunglasses

We wear our black sunglasses,
Echo out voices of molasses.
“Honey child, what happened to your face?”
I can already smell your distaste.

I know he sleeps around.
"How can she keep the embarrassment down?'
Our kids are in the park,
but mine’s always hiding in the dark.

He justifies the means,
says the other sides real green.
But why not have two houses?
The old one’s got cheap sunglasses.

Your eyes are glazed, you’re in a stupor.
I’m the one who must play the trooper
Get up early and go to work,
pretend like you’re not going berserk.

“How’s the fam?” How are they really?
Do all these people not see me clearly?
I tote the baggage around my leg
and pray that tonight I’m not dead.

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