Black Wings of 2020


Living in 2020 is like stepping backwards into the past
Back to a time of pestilence and plaques, back to worry
Wondering how long will this horrible virus last?
Being confined and distancing ourselves has taught
us how much we depend on human contact.
Another's touch, someone to share our hopes and fears

Covid-18 has killed many and left others suffering
Many do not believe the virus is real but a hoax
The doubters, they have not lost loved ones
Will not wear a mask, the unbelievers hurt us the most

2020 has had more than its share of disasters; floods,
Fires, hurricanes, loss of lives, jobs and businesses
We have found the quiet time to search our souls
Reason to want to change and grow spiritually

In retrospect, 2020 has shown us what is important
Not being the smartest or the richest but more caring
Compassionate of others and doing what is right
2020 might me our wake-up call in this me society
To make life better for all, let our light shine bright

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