Black Woman

The true definition of beauty and grace

A Black woman is like fine wine, she is better over time
Like when it rains but it still sunshines

But the black woman is smart
She knows how to stand apart
And me, myself, being a black woman is a form of art
Being born in America with some Jamaican parts

Growing up, I received a lot of Cocoa Butter kisses
While smelling ackee in the kitchen
I know they little crazy but
In my family, the black woman is respected and protected
Making sure they never took their crowns off and remained unaffected

My generation is stopping the cycle of self-hate
Loving themselves and their 4C hair
Loving their skin whether its chocolate or fair
This resting-chick-face is becoming the loving stare

So nah, the black woman isn’t scared
You know why?
Cause she don’t compete when she don’t compare.

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