From a child...I learned to hate my Blackness
I learned to hate my nappiness
To hate the thickness of my nose and lips
They taught me that paleness was better than Blackness
That skinniness was better than thickness
That straightness was better than...nappiness
My goodness!

I was a fool to think that I could drink and fly
Like a bird in an open sky...but then they shot me
And left me to die.
They took away my freeness. Pointed out my weakness.
They taught me bitterness and hatefulness.
They left me with nothingness.
My goodness.

But now they say...Your Highness
And they marvel at my realness, my strongness,
My soundness, my boldness, my wholesomeness,
And then they say, "My, my, my, such goodness."
To which I reply...with an exacerbated sigh...
"No! Greatness!"

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