Dark chattering commas punctuate bare branches
Where leaves once green with love notes
hang silent in the grey;
this sentence has no end,
ellipsis of a distant dream
for heaven's call.
I sing my grief with broken voice.
Then a thousand wings cloud the sky
as suddenly as
the closing of a book.
My beloved hears no more
the rhythm of my heart
that beats now alone where
quotations marks
once measured whispered words,
back and forth, in endless poems
of longing,
now falters, unsure in silent loss.
In the fading light,
wrapped in shrouds of autumn wind
I strain to hear his gentle call
amidst the callous cries that
rise like questions;
There is no meaning in the empty
Pages of the sky.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written after the death of a beloved friend. Words help to express pain that overwhelms and numbs. Words bring healing to broken heart.