Blackened Skies with Golden Eyes

Thunder rumbles in the West,
showers soon to follow.
Above are blackened skies with golden eyes
gazing like fire, burning through their cover.
Oceans roll beneath
dotted with crimson, dotted with lavender,
the bright blue specks rustle with delight.
Green waves tumble and sway
underneath the swelling gray.
A flash of light, two, three
followed by the crack, the boom, the crash.
Angels weep, big, and wet, and slow
but building faster, getting smaller
more are joining, more are mourning.
Mighty forces swell, swirling in tune
the light goes out, but white flashes enchant the night.
Nowhere to hide nor to run
finding cover most be done.
Held on through the night the grasp is weakened.
The cannons lessen, the weeping ceases,
what once was calm is now again.
Thunder rumbles in the East,
no more showers till tomorrow.

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