When children draw any landscape,
they will color some grass green
as a long thin block at the bottom.
Another floats at the top
resembling a blue sky,
leaving a space of white
between the grass and sky
because children do not know
how they meet-
or how to depict the beauty of the horizon.
We all know what comes at the beginning
and we cannot run away from how it will end.
But it is our choice to decide how we want to color the
unknown in between: how to fill that blank space.

Bells dismiss us from place to place,
determining when we are considered late,
early, or on time.
Green telling us when it is time to go:
red telling us when it’s time to stop.
Elementary schools can control their kids
like cold air can freeze jumping water particles.
Robotically having the instinct to clap
the same rhythm
that the teacher claps for their attention.
A loud whistle hushes a crowd
and get heads to hypnotically turn in unison,
where we will mentally pull ourselves back to reality.
A color can guide us and a bell can dismiss us.
But we are never truly dismissed
from the structure that we are taught to follow.
To ‘think outside of the box’ but to remain inside all rules and criteria.
To step outside of our comfort zone but to not get ahead of ourselves.
There’s a definitive point between what is considered creative
and what is crossing the line.
But we are coloring our own picture,
filling the white space
between the identical grass and skies.

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