I started to think why the earth so down
When the sun shines it make us proud
I conquer my thoughts when i open the door
All i see is the clouds crying, Cold, wet and bunch of tears.
My heart is heavy
My voice screamed raw; threatening not to heal
So I take up the knife and though it escapes this everlasting pain
When love of your life die’s
That appears in the nightmare, unbearable shame
To think about.
my grief
I weep,
even though my feelings are deep
I stare in into the day, I’m losing my mind
I try to look forward; afraid to glance behind
I’m an emotional creature do you see why
For if you were in my place you’d not reply
You’d break down
You’d cry
But before all of this; your soul will die
Can’t forget the life you lived
With this person that you loved
How can life get so tough
When you lost the one you loved.

By Ariella De’Leon

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