Blank [August 20, 2015]

I am plain, just ordinary
I am bland with no story
My paint is white on paper
No action, nothing matters

Afraid, I fear inaction
Powerless, no reaction
Lost in a world of white
Blank paper, white paint

Once more I try to write
Pushing forward, with all my might
I make change, and start to write
The paint is white, and comes out bright
As the colors appear in the night

The paper starts to form a picture
As I write feelings on paper
What I see, what I do
All I've done is portrayed to you

My life was once blank
I could not change, I could not paint
But now that colors do stain
I wake up with no pain

Looking on with no expression
You try to understand
How could I change my depression
The answer is simple, do all you can
You too can take a stand
And paint the blank

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