Blank Page

Blank screen blank page blank paper blank mind.
Moments like this people enjoy being blank except for me because my mind is full with many thoughts and dreams, memories and pain.

I love I laugh I smile I cry I learn I teach, I witness I protect I pray I listen I even sing and dance I write I read but you will never see my mind being blank.
I grow old I become young I yern to be loved and I imagine loving someone I trust only a few but I care for many, I would do my best to help others just because that's how and who I am.

To dome I'm a man of mystery to others I'm just me. I'm a brother to some, a son to a few, a father to one, a friend to many, and a best friend to only a couple but in the end I am still just simple ol' me.

So this paper is no longer blank for it has my artwork through my words for my words paints pictures that my eyes can see but my mouth can not speak of.

So for my words are blank but my paintings paint beautiful colors that you can see if you really try and look.

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