Blank White Page

To find myself alone with you, uninterrupted and free
Should be quite exciting, but instead, it frightens me.
Your silent, daunting call has become a trite banality.
I've tried to just ignore you, shy away from my ability.
To fail, and fail, and fail again each time we rendezvous
Makes me feel defeated-an incompetent, blubbering fool.
I thought for once you'd won the game; I might as well give in.
I'll never be a memorable Great. I gave up there and then.
But then I realized something that I had not seen before.
Perhaps you let me fall so much to teach me how to soar.
You weed out those without the guts and those without the heart.
I see why it's important now to finish what you start.
You have to push past the mistakes and try, try, try again
If you ever want to make it-and make it to the end.
Blank white page, you show us who we really are.
You call us back to not give up, keep shooting for the stars.
And one day I will get there if I learn to face my fear.
For failure doesn't kill you; it makes you more sincere.
It's not the force that knocked you down that keeps you from success.
It's the lack of strength to get back up
And give unto the blank white page
Your all,
Your very best.

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