Blanket of White

Kicking and screaming as hard as I could
While nurses wiped away birth's mucus and blood,
They laid me in a soft blanket of white
And placed me in my mother's arms finally quiet.
On the ground outside was a blanket of white,
It arrived quietly and gently during the night.
Though it was soft and lovely to see,
It was cold, dangerous and full of treachery.
As I grew older and stronger in my childish life,
I discovered a more treacherous blanket of white
It grew on stalks in rows and was called "cotton",
The pain of harvesting it will never be forgotten.
Dressed in a new blanket of white, a waitress dress,
With shoes polished last night,
I now wait on tables to make a living,
Serving diners, demanding and unforgiving.
Wearing a veil that reaches to the floor
And a dress of white with pearls galore,
I am like a blanket of white entering the door.
At the end of the aisle I join my "forevermore".
And now my purpose on Earth is done
And I have drawn my last breath,
I am laid in a box lined with a blanket of white.
When my eyes are opened, 'tis Heaven, not death.
It is then I know I have won the right
To wear Angel wings and a blanket of white.

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