Desperation around the air
The torment and torture that I bare
A show face, a facade I always wear
For the next test I prepare

The bravery I display
Losing ground day by day
The tears always kept at bay
My soul is gloomy, oh so gray

Within my heart trembles
Upfront confidence I resemble
The confidence I try to assemble
But fear makes it all disassemble

At night the teats are let flow
Sobs let out low
To keep alive I put on this show
But my doubts and fears continue to grow

The time shall come when all will see
The pain and torment inside of me
My will left battered to a certain degree
Till maybe one day, I break free

With this words I finally agree
To listen to my souls plea
With dis last words I pay my fee
Good bye world, Sincerely me

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