bleeding feet and shining teeth

You come across these few people in life and you sit and you stare and wonder how's it fair that they were made right from god's hands; and placed on this earth so gently with their perfectly round halo already on earth. You try to think of why they were chosen to have the perfect life, but you stare into their eyes and you look past their shield of lies past her fake smile and shining teeth. So you go to take a peek in her heart to see how she's so happy. You get closer and closer and you see nothing, so you keep walking and then you step on broken glass. Like walking on broken glass in real life it hurts and is bleeding but at first glance nothing is wrong. I was so envious of these girls, how were they always happy and beautiful and wondered why I cant be like that. Only to realize they are just like me hiding behind a fake smile while walking on broken glass.

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