Bleeding Heart

Blood seeping down my bare chest
From the arrow thrown at my heart
Makes my legs feel weak and wobbly
As I lay in my melancholic bedroom
Reminiscing about our good memories
And break down knowing you’re happy
Still happy, while I’m sprawled out
All over the place, not wanting to move,
Eat, or even speak.
I gave you my heart and soul trusting
You to handle them with care and show
Me there’s a light left inside of me
And that I’m not broken or empty.
You saw a fire in me, something special
When no one else even knew I existed
Now here I am, broken, empty
Left alone to bleed and realize
You never loved me at all.
I’ll keep you locked inside my memory
I won’t forget the times we shared
The way you made me feel
I’m down and out now, but just wait
The next time you’ll see me
I’ll be a rose that has bloomed
Into something even more beautiful
Than I originally was.

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