Bleeding Heart

Here i stand my heart bleeding in my hand
as I try to take the stand to spend my life
trusting someone to take my heart and love cherish
only to find that with love comes pain
trust that over night melts away like a summer snow storm
sunshine melts away the tears
people always talking about finding a love so pure
in a world with lust and less trust
sex love fundamentals got our minds corrupt
we are left to face our loves fears to be alone
our heart starts to shed the color is red that's all i see
blooding pouring form me
i been hit double edge sward painful going in
someone please explain to me how do i stop the blood from leaking
knife so deep got my heart deeply weeping....
soul wounded and left alone
i took my chances wit love and yet i am still left alone
broke down crown ripped off my head
im no longer feeling my royalty
my kingdom stolen from me
blood pouring filling up in my chest
while im trying to figure out if im alive or im dead
love sick got me tripped out
fucked up in my head
i swear if i survive tonight
my heart guard carefully
promising not to hurt again in life
double edge sward going out and back in
Love in my life
yes again love wins again....

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