Bleeding Love for You

Am I dying ?
Is this true?
Because my love for you was always true.
But you my love ,seem to think that it will never do.
The more I cry.
The more I try and the more I take the knife and slowly die.
Cut by cut,I say my goodbyes.
In my sleep I want to stay.
Never to wake ,because I never want to
remember this day.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about heart break and feeling as though u cant go on without them but u believed in them and loved them with all your heart and your mad but at the Same time you never want to remember them because they left you for another and you feel as though u gave everything for that person and you believed in them and in everything that they said but it was all lies and cheating.... Its about trying to cope and fined your way back from the pain and remember what it was like before they came on the picture... To move on totally and be anew again born out of the ashes of pain and hurt .....