'Bleeding Toys'

" Bleeding Toys "
O Mights of the world, dummy mights driven by invisible reins
Can't even the lambs be spared from your eagerness for gains
What harm can innocence cause your fabricated egotistic stature
Devils with devils cursed for what reason you ruin these archetypes of nature
Their couches are your battlefields,their shows your schemed fights
For they are born to eternal torments and never ending nights
Poor is the plight of those who are stained in a colour red
This,a festival of delightful melodies deaf world doesn't dread
Each gun fired leaves a lasting mark of horror on the nature's face
Every cry of an orphan lowers mankind's grace
Your masters, the secret planners have joined hands with evil forces
Boast not blatherers you're nothing more than the chess horses
Laugh not evil the forces of good are not on weed
Abandoned are not the lands where lullabies cry and toys bleed

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Sufferings of Innocence Cruelty of the world