People look at my life and think of me as blessed
I am blessed but not in the way they think
Being blessed is knowing God, knowing who you are
And what your purpose is
That's the true blessing within itself
I am blessed to have been raised in a family
That instilled in me important values at an early age
A strong sense of somebodyness, which can be a gift and curse
But I've been provided with opportunities to discover my talents
And find my direction, being blessed with success
Doesn't include
Sorrow, disappointments, hurts, and being misunderstood
And people wonder
If you are going to be a lost cause
Because one area in your life dominates another
And I had my share of heartbreaks and crying more than I prayed
But I'm still human blessed with a divine spirit, battling with flesh
There's a different between exploiting my hurts to fuel my life
So that other might understand my character with God
It causes me to rethink what it truly means to be blessed
And I find myself thinking:what does it mean to live?

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