Blessed feeling

I sat on the balcony
Smoking myself away
And the windows
Aligned themselves
Like so many train tracks.

And I saw tired workers
Wrestle with a broken crane
On top a tower outside.
And the pool glimmered
Sickly red and gloomy green
And late pale strangers
Made their tiresome way
To the distant foggy lights
As a lonely chinese lantern
Makes its way to the distant stars.
The city loomed menacingly
From atop its hill igniting me
Blue and turquoise.

The sea was pitch black
Like the eye of a bull.
I heard not its waves.
I heard only the buzz
Of lonely men somewhere below
And rolls of thunder.

And the air was heavy and dark.

I remembered not from where I came
Nor where I am headed to.
A blessed feeling.

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