Blessings in the Burdens

Every day is a struggle; eyes may get teary
Still can't quit; no rest for the weary
Everyone needs something; there's only so much to give
Trying to be everything for everyone and still find time to live
Jobs, family, bills all coming at you at once
Not enough hours in the day; still it has to get done
I'm sure we've all felt this way at times
So I'll share what keeps me from losing my mind
I think I'm strong but God is stronger
When I'm losing my grip, He helps me hold on a little longer
When I want to complain, I count all of my blessings
It's not always easy but I learn from the lessons
My load may be heavy at times but, He'll help me bear
Anything that comes my way; He's always been there
When I get tired and lost, I rely on faith
He said He'd always help me so, I press on anyway
I'm not where I want to be but not where I once was
It's only because of His saving grace and never ending love
So don't let burdens steal your happiness
"This too shall pass" and you still are blessed
These Burdens may get us down but, we'll rise again
There's a blessing in every burden we overcome, in the end

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