Blind Faith

Men have lost there lives

people have lost there families

men have lost faith in others

god has lost faith in us

but does that mean we should turn our backs ?

does that mean to give up on the life we have been given?

maybe people lose faith for a reason

so other people can show them the way back

it is people who live this world

no one else

god needs us & we need god

pray for people in need

pray for weak

god is not someone to just pray to

he is someone we can always count on

he is someone we can always talk to

he is our free therapist that is open everyday

blind faith is enough

maybe we don't need to touch the sky for it to be there

maybe we just need to know we can feel it's air & wind

maybe we just have to have blind faith knowing that it is there

to keep us on our feet

& to help people along the way

the cross isn't something Jesus just died on

the cross is our past

the cross is our present

the cross is our life

it is the life between all of life forms

it is the creation of people and of emotions

it is our blind faith for him

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