Blinded By Fear

Blinded By Fear 1/17/2011

Blinded by fear
Unable to see
Fear has a tight hold on me
I struggle to get free
I try to stand
But fear knocks me down
It’s like gravity
It binds me to the ground

I try to fly
But i'm surrounded by darkness
Unable to reach the sky

I try to scream
But no one can hear me
I’m all alone
I have to fight this battle on my own

Np where to run
No where to hide
Hope is gone
Faith has died
My heart is broken
Only my soul has survived
It’s hiding somewhere in the darkness alone
Waiting for someone to lead it home.

Fear dims the light of my soul
I’m unable to see its angelic glow
I stare out into the darkness
At last i see light

A figure with wings; shining like a star
Walks over to my damaged soul and touches it
My soul began to glow again
The light scared fear

It touched my heart
That was once broken
It began to beat again

It touch hope
And led it back to me
Now I can see

It touched faith
Then touched me
We flew into the clear blue sky
I am free
Fear no longer has a hold on me
I am free
Fear no longer blinds me

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