Blinded By Us All

It is an illusion a delusion more of a decision by the mass; more of a norm its built from the sworm the infestation of the world not just yours but all It will be the fall, and it keeps growing more and more like cattle we are flowing to our own end the slaughter of our minds that only few now defend. Im not speaking of the death all around but the words everyone thinks and feels yet we make no sound. We idolize the perfection, if its wrong its trash we need that amazing reflection. No one can stop it no one will change if you are different they want you the same it's killing the youth the adults the same they are the enemies we all call brains, becoming a number a perfect illusion now can't you see perfection a delusion. Be different stand out and be the one whos beautiful through out.

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As a society a world of many people and choices every person on this planet has become the deepest form of pain. Can we change?