Blinded By Vision

They will disagree when they don't know what you mean
They will put you down for being unique
They can't understand the future you've seen
Their blindly following minds are weak
They find it entertaining that you tell them your thoughts
But this is only because they can't connect the dots
You will find the few who do support you
Be sure to not let them slip away
Not many will understand you
Or anything you have to say
This does not mean that you are dumb or wrong
Its just means your mind is too strong
Do not let those who can't understand you phase you at all
If you so choose, their opinion is small
Blinded by vision, and confused by change
Advancement and success is is yours to make
Coloring outside the lines, to them is strange
All the adventure of new is yours to take
An idea or dream is never too crazy
It is too the rest but that's because they're too lazy
So long as YOU think so
You can do what you please
If you let your spirit glow
Your life could be a breeze
Yes it will be tough
But yes it will be worth it
When the going gets rough
Just remember all the profit
Don't let them take your mind, just because theirs is completely blind

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