Blindness by sight claimed by some.
Blindness by mind claimed by others
I can see things well with my eyes but my mind is blind.
What I see in the world around me, in this game,
is not the same as what truly plays out.
My mind plays tricks on me.
A little devil dancing on my shoulder whispering.
Seductively but honestly abusively.
While I wonder where my angel has gone,
she never shows up to save me.
I feel abandoned and confused.
He's raised me. No one was there.
I'm left alone with my little devil
because he's always been there for me, without choice.
He only ever shows me the bad.
Telling me how awful people are.
The lies, pain ...mistrust and hate.
He teaches me only these things.
Every time my curiosity to learn more arises,
it's punished with feelings of hopelessness and constant loses.
Every time I try to love someone he makes sure I get hurt,
to show me that I don't deserve those things, I'm better off alone.
It's the safest place for me right? It must be.
Some of us just aren't lucky and some of us are mind blind, No guide

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