Blissful Lambs of May

Glisten, platinum, northern, cliffs of New Mexico
Blueprint of woodcut valleys, wintergreen mountains, sky indigo
Vagrant, aloft lamppost moon

Tyrant wind of march, seasonal elaboration of rebirth

Cameo Ghost Ranch Hills, bravo Rio Grande, white lily
Feathery cloud of silver geese, a weeping willow tree
Sacred landscape Black Mesa, legendary Nambe Falls
Emerald canyons, roasting flocks of blue seagulls

Alfalfa rains, daisy fields of pasture, gentle palomino

Pastel, Easter Sunday lustful iris violet-pale
Overt, rich earth-hue, the Jemez Mountain trail
Fruitful months of summer, charming chile ristra's

Lambs of May, woven canvas

June pueblos, mid-October villages, November church
Splendid ranch land ruins, ghostly white birch
Pearly months of winter, embroidered southwest
Sentimental December! months to follow, clandestine, tempest

Forever! New Mexico heritage, a pictorial heirloom

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This Poems Story

Abismal caurosel, beneath; an Idyll vale clandestine, "charismatic" Chamisal. Aboriginal implicit faith, lucent natively passage-way. Geneological French-Indian-Spaniard blood cradled, benevolence engendered. Elemental glimpsed parenthood, dimpled nostalgic heart-strings. En-tombed, en-shrined dovish parents...finesse in-script. Germane siblings aplenty. Last phogeny mystique unalike characteristic branch. Haply desultory birth Turner's Syndrome, elite choice of God. Wisdomed fate, a request within. Fain affluence; fecundity. Dewy blessedness of free-standing, self-inplanted prudence. Laborious endeavored Artist, Photographer, Quiltera, Poetess. Wince, woeful obstacles, competitive world. Altogether, personified exemplar of measured eclipsing keiodoscopic color-hur of "Life's Banquet." Envisage iception of futurism galaxy. Momentous God-speed journey avow-al. Granduer Gratitude!