Blithesome mood

Phew! The eerie sound of nocturnal wind as it laid its pang on my body.
Gosh! The loathsome feeling as I anxiously waited for my Queen.
Arrgh! The painful shivering I endured as the harmattan wind beat me.
Ha! Little did I know it would be one of those melancholic nights.

Bla! The sombre music which nature played that disentangled my soul.
Grr! Still the Queen wouldn't pick up the calls.
A short sharp pain struck my heart.
Heck! I tried calling out to my Queen but all to no avail.

So near, yet so far!
My heart sank in fear of losing out.
Slush! It dawned on me that I will spend the night lost in thought.
Snooze! The alarm sounded and my soul preferred to remain locked.

Gram! Gram! The alarm slapped me with the reality of the morning dew.
I woke up dejected, I couldn't find my Queen.
Vorm! The burning desire to see her got quenched when she came.
Can anything douse this blithesome feeling of mine?

Nay! Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.
Flush! I exulted like a withered leaf which sprung to life in the rain.
Hmm! My Queen said: I want to talk to you, smile and see you smile.
Oh really! What a blithesome mood.

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