Blocks of Granite

Upon first encounter, it's a block of granite
The edges rough, featureless, and bland.
The unpolished surface neither catches the eye, nor casts any sway on the attention.

Everyday the block is overlooked; seen, but not noticed.
No foreseeable event will ever serve to change the Block's role in its environment.

It appears destined to degrade; to never bring beauty to its surroundings.
Time will have its say. Time: the equalizer and disruptor of all things finite.

Time has had a strange effect on this Block as days pass. The edges are becoming softer to the eye, its eroded features now seem, whimsically so, to be attracting the focus of the gazer.

Days have now become weeks, and the Block is taking a form that will give halt to the passerby.
When did this beauty come about, one might ask. How has this new form come to be - from the old?

Has it been that time has been so kind to this object? Or has its beauty been shrouded and skewed by the inattentive mind of the beholder?

The rough, dull edges of the Block have taken a form that is both pleasing, and comforting - to the mind of the one who looks and admires.

This beauty that has developed, now serving to surprise even (one) most familiar with the Block's features, feels as though it will last forever.

This pure manifestation of attraction, surpassing all one might have thought possible, will surely stand forever; representative of beauty and what can be wrought through will

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