Blood on Their Hands

A warrior chosen to guard this earth,
chosen long before his birth.
Years go by the warrior sleeps,
breaking promises, vows he no longer keeps.

Awaking he realizes his greatest fears,
as his eyes fills and he sheds silent tears.
Images from long ago filter through his mind,
asking questions, seeking answers he hopes to find.

A horrendous crime committed against this land,
looking down he sees their blood upon his hand.
What kind of creature wears this hideous mask,
as he goes about his devious task?

Pilfering, and preying on the animal kind,
caring not of the wreckage he leaves behind.
Cutting the horns and tusk from their faces,
like a ghost in the night he leaves no traces.

Elephants and Black Rhino to name but two,
once there were many now there are few.
He must stop this massacre before it's too late,
before all the animal kind have met their fate.

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