Blood Soaked Sand

I see the sadness swell and escape his swollen eyes
Bound by laws of gravity they fall the tears he cries
The supposed land of God is where his blood flows to the ground
Yet in this place it seems, he is no longer found
The wait it seems forever when will the moment come
Cease the pain of his reality, that which only death will numb
The pain his face does carry the experience so real
Lost in an effort to negotiate, just one more mortal deal
To hold this moment off as his life it slips away
Fighting for a bit more time, to live just one more day
It is then I start to wonder, where the God he prays to went
Or when he chose to leave with no correspondence sent
Why we came to fill the void and fill this empty space
Of a land God hath forsaken, it's clear he left this place
This man before me one could say, but a boy disguised as man
Dying there in fear, his blood soaking foreign sand
Absorbing all in him that once delivered life
He leaves behind a child and now a lonely widowed wife
The tears that they will cry, I pray and beg of thee
Be never flowing down the cheek, of someone close to me

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