As she's lying in bed afraid and alone
She cries out to God that she wants to go home.
But as she grasps the blade she feels her soul moan.
And suddenly her mind starts to roam.
And in that moment she's only five
Without a care in the world; when she felt alive.
All of a sudden a flash, she opens her eyes.
She's surrounded by shadows.
She's surrounded by lies.
Yet she still wonders how.
Back to when she felt pain for the very first time.
The day she fell victim to a horrid mans crime.
Then just like that her pain is gone
She's back in her room blade in hand.
Her minds made up; the tortures almost done.
Her heart still aches, she can no longer stand.
Yet without hesitation she slashes her wrist
And admist the pain she feels deaths kiss.
Sheets now blood stained.
Her breath starts to fade.
This is what she wanted, her body is drained.
She's slipping away as her hand drops the blade.
And in her last moments she no longer feels pain.
All that is left are her scars from her old rusted chains.

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