Blood to Blood, Soul to Soul

There are things that replace the natural content of your eyes.
If ever these things tear the core from you,I will stitch your veins to mine
so that my blood preserves your life.
When your skin thins,when it wrinkles,
if your bones build a body of ice,
I will slip from mine and drape it on your shoulders.

If the ocean condenses into salt,
and the tide never comes to pull impurities from your essence and to carry them away,
after you have waited impatiently with a long, silent night,
I will take them into mine,
as to dissolve them in a place they were not created.
I will swallow your poison,
Blood to blood, and soul to soul.

If you find a place so desolate, you cannot bear to be in it,I will fill it with my blood and soul,
we can live blood to blood, soul to soul.
If you find fullness and content,I will set what I have found beside you so that you find twice as much.
If you are saturated, and I cannot fit anything inside of you,
to remain a part of you,
then I will not.

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