Bloody Blue

They could hear the unspoken words
The subtle somethings in the eerie silences
The whistling of the winds
The lull before the storm
Miles apart, heads turned away
Yet hearing the anxious panting of their breaths..

Maybe this was a different Gale
One which could not be seen ordinarily
‘Rarest of the rare’, as they say
Or Maybe the world was just turning Pale
Either way, they both were anxious
Like an unknown chord finally about to break..

The storm of silence was engulfing all the shores
Slowly poisoning all the places
They had owned..
Memories began falling like rain drops
Swallowed by the waves
And pushed into the dark corners of the sea..

The sky was becoming black
And the rain getting heavier
Both still miles apart
Yet sensing each other’s hearts..

The End was near they knew
As they began fading away
And only their essence which remained
A tiny red in the vast blue
Still shining like a pearl under the Moon..
A ruby red
Or maybe a bloody blue..

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