blooDy DAY

By Alex.K.   

July,6, 1944 on those bloody shores
Gunned down without remorse
Three countries on a course
Hoping for no final verse
The dying inside a hearse

The massive strike brought Hitler fright
The battle went throughout the night
The allies followed the enemies flight
Hoping they would get out of sight

Back on the bloody shores
The shrieking on every dock
Hoping their blood would clot
Some would be buried on the spot
On the beach where they got shot

That day was a
blooDy DAY

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This Poems Story

This poem describes Operation Overlord or as we know it as D-DAY (It is all in the title bloo(D)y (DAY). The men who died for their countries on this shore, for the freedom from the clutches of the Nazi regime. That is what they put their lives into so they do not waste their life for nothing.