Bloody Gums

When I floss the night before I go to the dentist's
office, as if that will make up for the 6 months
without pulling string between my teeth, my gums
bleed. My knees bleed when I fall off my scooter. My
scooter that my dad bought for me on my 6th birthday.
The same dad who I thought was raping my sister when I
heard her screaming in her room. 6 months I go without
flossing but everyday I am pulling string through my
teeth. Everyday I am pushing lies out of my teeth. My
dad says he loves me when he tucks me in at night. I
tell him to sleep tight and to not rape my older sister
so I don't have to wake up to her screams. I smile
after flossing and the blood from my gums is red.
I brush my teeth twice the next morning before
I see the dentist. I hear I need to eat less sugar.
But she wants me to get a cavity. She wants the
extra money. I don't have a cavity today. That's
because I flossed my teeth the night before. My
gums bleed and and 6 months later
I don't have a cavity.

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