Bloody lies

Smile on my face, blood in my eye.
Lies on my lips, but eyes don't lie.
I try to put on this poker face,
To convince the world I am fine.
But I am not fine.
No, I am not fine.

I cry these tears of blood,
Ruinning my disguise.
Try to wipe but the cloth turns red,
No I can't hide, the death inside.

I blow my nose and there's blood on my hand
I look at my shoulders, the shirt's turned red.
I try to scream but my tongue is not there.
But I am alive. I am breathing just fine.

If I stop breathing will the blood go away?
If my heart stop beating will the pain be there?
If my head stops functioning will my memory go away?
I think, holding a knife. Shall I go on, or just die.

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