We all have seeds planted within. We water them with our attitudes and our outlook on life. When the flowers
begin to bud, we look for a gardener to help us tend to the blooming garden of our heart.

Some pass by, picking only the prettiest flower,
leaving the rest to wilt in a cruel and uncaring world. Some will be begin to take care of the garden,
but upon realizing how consuming it is,
they too, leave. Once again, the flowers are left
to wilt and die.

Then they arrive. The beloved gardener. They cut
away the weeds and wilted petals from the budding garden,
giving us room to grow again. When the garden is in
full bloom, they admire their work, still making sure
to dispose of any weeds that may prevent us from

When the spring ends, and the flowers have all gone
away, they don't leave. They prepare. For another spring is on its way, and they can't wait to admire their beautiful garden bloom once more.

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