Blossoming Almond Tree

A pool of blue,

A calm ocean shores in an ordinary day,

While spring returns with the spirits of Chopin,

The beautiful colors of Van Gogh's Blossoming Almond Tree,

An infinite green,

A deepening infinite green,

A scene of a forgotten Japanese farm full of

cherry blossoms with a pure sky,

Full of motionless birds,

All combined together,

Are what I see when I look into your eyes.

Millions of faces I've seen,

But none was a recreation of what beauty means to me,

Like yours.

With this feeling of not being a stranger in my own life,

And my willingness to give all I have been,

Or could ever be,

And with this,

This thing that we have,

I could win a war against our nothingness,

Against all the ugliness and darkness the existed,

Or could ever exist,

Except for the fact that time is happening,

And a day will come,

When I'll stop seeing your face,

But until then,

My dear,

Let's exhaust the limits of the possible.

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